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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Choirs advice

I received this Barbara Harlow at Santa Barbara Music. They publish an arrangement of Music in my Mother's House. I thought it was great advice for singers in general. Holding the notes, indeed.

Your harmony works really well when you're all on the same beat.
Your upbeats are somewhat in dispute.
Everyone has an idea what those two 16ths are—we can duke it out.
Right in the middle of the note is where you want to land.
Keep the note alive, like a ping pong ball floating on water.
Pull the tone back to where your wisdom teeth used to be.
Sopranos are used to being beautiful but not always accurate.

from the 8-page program from the Jan.
11th memorial for Diane Loomer at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts.
It includes  a full page of "In her own words— Word for Word”